Top Books, Articles and Podcasts on Startups from the Beta-i Community

August 31, 2016

A couple of weeks ago I was on holidays writing our regular newsletter for Beta-i and I felt like doing something different. Because we were in the middle of August and pretty much everyone was on holidays I decided to take an unusual approach…

Instead of summing up all the updates and news from Beta-i I decided to share some of the best articles and books that I’ve been read, and some podcasts as well. For those on holidays there were no excuses to avoid reading some great pieces of content and listening to some of most interesting podcast I’ve ever listened to.

In return, I asked for some recommendations from the Beta-i community and I promised to write a blogpost with their suggestions 🙂

Check out the most recommended articles, books and podcasts by the Beta-i Community:


Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers

The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz



Death on the Digital High Street

What Makes People Upbeat at Work

The Uncanny Valley

How Technology Disrupted the Truth

Is There Really A Talent Shortage in Europe?

The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence

A Conversation With Bill Fernandez, Apple’s First Employee

The Future of Work

First Time Founders – What I wish I knew

Why Complex Storytelling Is Thriving In Our Digital Age

The Tools Early-Stage Startups Actually Need to Understand Their Customers

Doing Data Science Right — Your Most Common Questions Answered


Thanks to all those who contributed to this list!