Working remotely in Lisbon with Remote Year at Beta-i

July 4, 2016

For those who have been to our offices in Lisbon, you probably know that you see new people every day. People come and go and it never gets boring. And, well, working remotely in Lisbon, is becoming a trend. Great weather, great quality of life, international community…

So, for this reason Beta-i has joined the movement. We have welcomed Remote Year in Lisbon. During this upcoming month 75 digital nomads, from lawyers to marketers, from designers to writers, will beworking remotely in Lisbon, at Beta-i.

Remote Year is an organisation that believe in the power of working remotely around the world. Every month they work from a different city and they’ve chosen Lisbon this time 🙂

Join us this Friday for our Thank God It’s Friday and get to know them.