Applications for Lisbon Challenge Fall’16 are now open

May 11, 2016

Would you like to meet Elon Musk, Stewart Butterfield or Marc Andreessen in Lisbon this year? Yes? Well, this could really happen since the Web Summit will be in Lisbon this year…

We know that building a startup takes focus, commitment and hard-work. But, it’s also about talking to people and creating relationships. From customers to investors, from partners to other entrepreneurs such as yourself…

You need to meet the right people. And that’s why you should come to Lisbon this year, right on time for the Web Summit 2016 this November.

In fact, we have just opened applications for the Fall Edition of our accelerator, Lisbon Challenge. Meaning, you would be in Lisbon from September to December.

Would you be interested in applying to one of Europe’s most dynamic accelerators?

Here’s what you should keep in mind:

  • Alumni network of +200 startups
  • Our startups have raised +50 million euros
  • A network of +200 mentors you can reach out to
  • Free office space in the centre of Lisbon
  • Tailor-made workshops on the key challenges your startup is facing
  • 150k in perks and no equity taken

Apply here until the 10th of June and grow startup in Lisbon.

What have people been saying about Lisbon Challenge?

“Lisbon Challenge can be the European Y Combinator”

Michael Seibel, Part-time Partner at Y Combinator

“The greatest thing about Lisbon Challenge is that it creates a cluster of entrepreneurs that are all  going through the same journey. This means you get fantastic scalability and they learn a lot with  each other. It’s also good for investors to meet several companies in one place.”

Mike Butcher, Editor at TechCrunch

“We were in the very first batch of Lisbon Challenge. At the time, we had just launched our student accommodation platform and it was the perfect time for us to get all the feedback from mentors and occasional speakers that Lisbon Challenge brought to us. Lisbon Challenge and Beta-i really helped us kick-start our business.”

Miguel Amaro, Founder of Uniplaces

“Popcorn Metrics was born during the Lisbon Challenge. During the program we were able to get our whole team working together in a super focused environment which enabled us to quickly get the insights to make a massive “zoom in pivot” and focus on building our current product to enable marketers to set-up their Marketing Analytics Stack without depending on IT. We built a hugely valuable network of mentors, investors and other cofounders – a network that still gives great value today. As a bonus from Lisbon Challenge, we also spring-boarded from Lisbon Challenge into London based Seedcamp (the largest seed investment program in Europe).”

Paul Boyce, Founder of Popcorn Metrics

Apply here and join us in Lisbon for the next edition.