Smart Open Lisboa: A New Startup Program on Open Data

April 29, 2016

We’re officially turning Lisbon into a living lab

Imagine you had access to all aggregated  information of the city you live in: how many people live there, their age profile, crime statistics, traffic statistics, signal coverage, etc. Imagine the great products you could build with that? Products that would actually improve the lives of millions of people.  

So, that’s exactly the goal of Smart Open Lisboa, an open innovation program where startups will get to use the city’s open data to develop and test their solutions in real life conditions.

We want to turn Lisbon into a living lab, by solving the city’s most interesting challenges and improve the lives of millions. Thanks to all the partners of this program, the Municipality of Lisbon, PT, Cisco and Turismo de Portugal, we’ll have enormous amounts of open data to explore. You just need to know where to start…

And for this reason, we’ll be having the Smart Open Lisboa kick-off session at Beta-i, next Thursday, 5th of May, at 6pm, to explain what is open data and to talk about other Smart Cities and how they evolved by making this kind of data available for startups to use.

Join us next Thursday and find out more about open data and smart cities, and the endless possibilities it can create. Let’s upgrade Lisbon’s city life.

Remember to register here for the event.