What are these teams up to? Two days until Demo Day @ Protechting

April 12, 2016

Two Days until Demo Day at Protechting… Tik Tok..

Two months ago Protechting by Fosun & Fidelidade kicked off, but if at first sight it seems that time just flew by, for each one of the selected teams, each day was a hard battle to take their startup to the next level. If at Beta-i everyday was a learning opportunity through access to workshops, talks and meetings with mentors and experts, outside they had the challenge to get user feedback, test their platforms and approach potential clients.

It all started two months ago and now, only two days away from the Demo Day, the teams are collecting all the relevant and final info and goals achieved to craft their pitch. Last week we did a status update on three of the teams and now we bring you news on other seven teams.

Here are the other seven teams and what they’ve been working on


iVigilate Protechting Beta-i
iVigilate is working on behavior monitoring using a web-based platform and beacons that are strategically placed in the location and the person to monitor. The technology is aimed to help control individuals that might not be in their full capacity, such as elder people and children.

What initially started as an attendance management platform is now designed for the Healthcare and Security markets. They have a working pilot, waiting to be implemented at Hospital do Mar and iVigilate is also working with BClose on a platform targeted to the Security market, allowing to monitor security rounds.

It’s always interesting to witness first hand when two Startups have the chance to partner inside an accelerator.


Logo-Bclose Protechting Beta-i

What started as a platform to standardize all the interfaces of different security equipment at big companies is now a B2C IoT portal that joins more than 50 features. The app analyzes real-time info on human behaviors, detects patterns and then suggests different actions according to the context. They already have a working platform where diverse devices are integrated, all related with safety, health, wellness and energy management but Bclose gets stronger as more services are continuously getting included.

They’re already in Spain, France and Switzerland and they plan to approach the Asian and American markets. Fidelidade is doing an internal testing with the app and José Villa, Marketing Manager at Fidelidade and one of their Coaches at Protechting has been one of the great assets, providing valuable inputs to the team.


Motions Protechting Beta-i

When you detect some loss or damage at your house you usually call your insurance and they send an expert to evaluate, right? These are claim experts and even nowadays they still take almost a whole day to do the evaluation and the full report they need to deliver.

MotionsCloud developed a mobile solution that allows them to complete the whole process in about 3 hours, saving extra time and costs. They already have a (paid) working pilot running with a claims firm in Germany, where they’re based. It was there that Lex heard about Protechting and immediately knew it could be the perfect accelerator to work on some of their biggest challenges.

Truth is it’s usually not easy to get access to some of the top players in the market, and right now the team has access to great insights, feedback form different departments and also the chance to personally follow the day of a Claim expert. Thanks to Nuno Soares and the other Coaches from Fidelidade a possible pilot with the insurance company is now in due diligence stage.

Consulta do Viajante

Consulta do Viajante Protechting Beta-iDiogo works as a doctor in a Clinic and when he arrives home he still has the opportunity to do more appointments. How? He created a telemedicine platform where patients can schedule their appointments, do the video consults, pay and receive their prescription. Right now is already working in the area of travelling appointments, “Consulta do Viajante”, but the plan is to expand to other areas such as General Medicine, Pediatrics and Mental Health.

Right now the payments and prescriptions are made through third parties so one of the main challenges is to work on a way to do them internally.

One of the most valuable learnings was when they heard about NPS (Net Promoter Score) and how to get and work on customer feedback, a talk by Diogo Teles, from FaberVentures.

How did Diogo discover about the Protechting program? He worked as a volunteer three years ago in a Beta-i event and since them he stayed tuned until he saw this was a chance he could not miss.

They’re currently talking with Fidelidade to implement a pilot focused on Occupational Health.


Kylega Protechting Beta-i

When  something unfortunate happens to someone, it’s never easy to have their assets distributed.

With the premise of “Keep your legacy”, Kylega started with the goal of allocating any person’s assets to his relatives in case of death. The concept created by three Iseg Alumni has now evolved to much more than that, allowing anyone to manage all their assets in their life: from bank accounts and houses to social media profiles.

For each one of them, the user defines an accountable person and a general “keeper” that is responsible for activating the distribution when something happens.

They have a working platform that is now being tested inside and outside Fidelidade to get as much feedback possible. All these inputs will be included on the final Pitch, one of their priorities in these final days.

So far Protechting has helped them work on issues such as the user experience, design and how to adapt their product to different corporate solutions.


Lifesymb Protechting Beta-i

When the grandfather of the founder suffered from several strokes without being able to fully recover due to the lack of the proper follow-up and help, Lifesymb was born.

This is a platform with a complex algorithm that uses a camera and sensors to analyze your posture and body movements. After the scan the platform recommends exercises, through video tutorials, or even a physical therapist if it’s more serious.

With a working platform, posture corrections and injury healing were some of the tested features with the athletes of last Iron Man Triathlon competition and also at the main triathlon competition in Stockholm. Through Fidelidade they managed to make a deal with Multicare for a pilot starting in July with Luz Saúde clinics.


Queseguro Protechting Beta-i
We all know how choosing the right insurance for your needs can become a real challenge.

Companies that show themselves with more transparency to their clients can develop a more close relation with them, and the evolution of the market points in that direction. Miguel lived abroad for 12 years, where he had access to insurance aggregators and when he arrived again to Portugal he decided to work on his own platform.

QueSeguro was created two years ago and is now evolving with more insurance companies being involved and a growing user base. The relation with Fidelidade was a great opportunity for both sides to understand each other and see how they could eventually work together.

10.000€ and a Roadshow to China are waiting for the winners this Thursday

All these entrepreneurs are giving their best to steal the show at the final presentation and win the 10.000€ first prize or a place in one of the three selected teams that will participate in a roadshow to China where they’ll have the chance to meet some of the world’s most influential investors. The integration of their platforms with Fidelidade’s services can also be a dream come true for most of these Startups.

So far this has been a great experience for the teams, Fidelidade and Beta-I – if initially it might sound strange to get together the corporate world and Startups, now we can surely affirm there is a vast world of opportunities and benefits in this kind of symbiosis.

Stay tuned to see who the winners are on Thursday!