A Guide To Understanding Investors

April 6, 2016

Most Startups need angel investors or VCs to succeed and when they’re struggling to raise money there’s often a gap between the stage at which the founders think they are (investment-readiness) and what VCs are looking for to invest.

Boris Golden has a strong background as an entrepreneur and is now a Principal in Partech, a venture capital firm that invests in Internet and information technology companies at seed, venture and growth stages. He’s also a mentor, focused on product, strategy, business model, go-to-market and growth.

Having been on both sides of the table and acknowledging that the roles or goals of a Vc are usually misunderstood he did a presentation to create a better understanding between entrepreneurs and investors.

He covers How VCs typically think, Entrepreneur disappointments, Why go (or not) with a VC, What VCs are looking for, Pitching to VCs and other relevant topics.