Tech Hustlers Vs Music Artists – Dealing With Talent

April 1, 2016

What does managing music artists have to do with investing in Tech Startups?
Regarding talent, can we look at music artists the same way we see entrepreneurs?

“I think the common denominator and the one word is ‘hustle’”

Troy Carter made his name in the music industry, promoting Hip-Hop artists and concerts and he was the one to discover and launch Lady Gaga’s career. Later on, he started to apply his learnings into the tech industry, early investing in Startups like Uber, Lyft, DropBox, Warby Parker and many more and creating his own fund, CrossCulture VC.

Here is a 20-min enlightening talk between Troy Carter and Mark Suster (entrepreneur and VC) about the ability to “spot, nurture and mentor talent”, the relevance of conquering the first users (“The first 50 super fans”), how to go after the product/market fit, the importance of a narrative in marketing and the role luck plays in success.

The video was originally posted at Mark’s Blog Both Sides of The Table, where you can read all the highlights from the talk.