Beta-i awarded with best rebranding and logo of the year

March 31, 2016

A few months ago we felt the need for a change. We felt that our image couldn’t possibly reflect the dynamism, the adrenaline rush, the risk and the unpredictability that is working with startups.

After some careful thought, we made a choice, a choice that every entrepreneur makes when they decide to build their own business, and that is to embrace the unexpected (in this case, go for the rebrand)… Luckily for us, we bumped into Ogilvy, who guided us through the whole process, who took the guts to take our wildest ideas and put it into practice.

The result? A whole new brand that truly represents who we are and what we do.  

So, when last night, our own President, Pedro Rocha Vieira, sends a whatsapp to the whole team saying that our rebranding and new logo won the prize of the year in advertising in Portugal, we kind of felt like our friend Conan right here…


Thanks to the brilliant design of Ogilvy, at the Meios & Publicidade Award Ceremony last night, Beta-i was awarded with Best Rebranding, Best Logo and Best Piece (our squiggle cards).


We couldn’t have felt more proud… Thank you to all those at Ogilvy who contributed to this design and new concept, and to all those entrepreneurs who have inspired us along the way.