Money 20/20 is having a fintech meetup in Lisbon

February 29, 2016

fintech in lisbon

For all those in fintech, Money 20/20 probably rings a bell. This is the world’s largest fintech conference, held in Las Vegas, every year. However, for 2016, they’ll organise a second conference in Europe, in Copenhagen, this April.  

For this reason, Money 20/20 has been gathering key players in the fintech industry across many different cities in Europe, and this time they’re coming to Lisbon.

This Friday, in our office at Beta-i, we’ll have a meetup, to address the latest trends and challenges in fintech. We’ll talk about how fintech has broken through the public consciousness, how and why it has gained the interest from top VCs, and why being based in NY or London sometimes matters for this business.

To talk about all this we have invited Filipe Neves, from Feedzai, Sebastião Lancastre, CEO of EasyPay, Pedro Fonseca, CEO of Crowdprocess, and Pat Patel, Content Director at Money 20/20.

If you’re building a fintech business in Lisbon, join us on Friday. Just make sure you register here.

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