And the 15 startups joining Deloitte Digital Disruptors are…

October 30, 2015

Deloitte Digital Disruptors

After the first week of Bootcamp at Deloitte Digital Disruptors, where the selected 25 startups worked really hard to get to the final list, here are the 15 finalists who will join us for the rest of the accelerator program.

It has been an exciting week, full interesting workshops, mentoring sessions, a 48 hour Hackathon and startup pitches. We were highly impressed with the quality of the startups and their solutions but, when the Bootcamp was over, we knew that only 15 of them could join us for what lays ahead.

And the 15 startups who will disrupt the insurance industry at Deloitte Digital Disruptors are….


DreamQuark is a startup that develops cognitive technologies healthcare and insurance, creating value out of their data stocks. They develop new tools around cognitive and deep-learning technologies to help customers create new products and services for prevention, diagnostic and care.

Zen We Share

ZenWeShare has developed an automotive insurance scoring algorithm based on e-reputation data. What they are able to do is to compute a driving quality scoring based solely on a person’s Facebook profile.


Starting from a profound understanding of the infrastructural foundation idatase uses an innovative and always up-to-date view on efficient real time or buffered pre-processing of massive amounts of data. Through an inherent in-depth analysis of technology, economy, society or business oriented interactions and structures, they are able to create a better understanding of ongoing processes.

Powr of you

Powr of you is a consumer intelligence tool that connects brands and consumers to learn and earn from their digital footprint. Brands can learn about consumer behavior with a unified view across devices and platforms, driving greater marketing ROI.


Kineticos turns your data into clinical insight. They combine the explosion of movement monitoring technology with breakthroughs in computational biomechanics and machine learning to support clinical decision making. In other words, they transform vast information about each patient into treatment knowledge so that you and your doctor take the best medical decisions.


Whale has a platform to deliver the best customer experience management on social media. They have the ability to collect unstructured data regarding client’s digital interactions, emails, mentions, complaints, requests, simulations, and create a dynamic client profile for each and every customer or lead. Based on this information they are able to determine each client’s archetype.


With Fluo consumers can buy the right insurance at the best price avoiding duplication of covers while business partners (insurers, banks, payment service providers, travel operators) sell more, improve customer satisfaction and provide a solution for new regulations. Fluo’s engine provides a diagnostic on guarantees needed for each situation such as travelling, renting a car or buying goods, then advises users on the right guarantee for each situation and, if needed, recommends buying the missing ones.


Scicrop is the S&P and Bloomberg for agriculture. It acquires worldwide data from agriculture, financial markets and climate, mapping the value-added information. It analyzes more than 200k data units per day collected through public and private agrometeorological stations, mapping drones, news, social networks and satellite images.


WeSavvy is a Pan-European insurance digital platform that enables insurers, agents/brokers and other financial service providers to engage more effectively with policyholders. Through the combination of Big Data and IoT, WeSavvy brings telematics, effective analytics and innovative risk management to the insurance industry introducing an easy and transparent way for policyholders to gain back control over their insurance premium.


Sensefinity is the Internet of Things for the masses. In other words it’s for all businesses which have data information needs for additional revenues based upon efficiencies and risk mitigation. By plugging Sensefinity’s devices and registering to the platform, projects can immediately start using data gathered from their assets and delivered by their ubiquitous GSM data-pipe with multinational companies and covering worldwide territory.


RiskAPP collects, processes and represents risk data for the insurance industry. Their tool, thanks to a proprietary algorithm, is capable of estimating the value of risk in supply chain and in productive systems and express the economic losses that can arise from such risks. Insurers are using this tool to estimate the risk and consult their clients on the best policies to subscribe and they’re also using this tool as an actuarial method to compute premiums for business interruption cover and contingent business interruption.


Botcar is an electronic brain to transform old cars in connected cars for less than 100 euros of investment which, unlike other alternatives, works as a platform providing several apps everywhere and anywhere for the B2B market.



Petable is a preventive health plan management software for veterinary clinics and pet owners that make caring for their pets a priority, bringing them together through a web based back office and a mobile app. Since they integrate vet clinics in this experience it leads to an increased quality of the clinics’ services (being top-of-mind, being part of the pets life while at home), and a 20 % improvement in health plans’ compliance which means more visits and transactions for the clinics.

Standard Access

Standard Access has developed a hardware / software product and lock combination that allows monetised time restricted access to a building via your internet enabled device integrated with a client or tenant management platform. This is for property managers to be there when a potential client wants to do a viewing or for a real estate agent or for a maintenance guy to carry out repairs and to stop unauthorized access when keys or card based systems get into the wrong hands.


SkenarioLabs is developing a globally applicable service (SaaS), which gives virtually anyone the capability to optimize and understand the most sustainable choices for urban structure in terms of energy efficiency, climate effects and money. Their service exploits standardized calculation methods, open data and various algorithms and automatizes these analyses.


Stimul is a high-touch intervention program delivered through an online platform that provides everybody with the capacity to build healthy lifestyle habits thanks to human coaching, personalization, tracking and flexibility.


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