Why Lisbon Investment Summit is the Event You Were Waiting For

May 30, 2015


We all learn a bunch of stuff during events by listening to talks and panels but we rarely get the chance to put it into practice. So, for this edition, we’re embracing the learn by doing motto.

No boundaries. That’s the spirit of #LIS15. That’s why we selected a extravagant venue, the Pombal Palace, one of the most historical palaces in the city of Lisbon. Walk around, explore the different rooms and let the magic happen.

We set exclusive workshops in parallel to what is happening on the main stage. Get the best growth hacking tips, learn how to develop your skills in a startup, figure out how lean innovation methods can help your business and discover the future of startup acceleration. Sounds interesting enough? Register here.

Note: The workshops are part of #LIS15, you need to get your event ticket first.

Revisit your business approach with the top-notch experts

Grab the opportunity to experiment new tools with hands-on workshops. Patrick Valskovits – the famous author of The Lean Entrepreneur and mentor at 500 startups – will deliver an exclusive workshop on growth hacking for all the life hackers present at #LIS15. On Friday, our own Manuel Tanger will offer his lean innovation workshop. You can already get a sneak peek of it here.

Learn how Europe is becoming an entrepreneurial playground

On top of that, a wide range of topics will be covered by exclusive talks and panels. How the perception of failure could have an impact on the success of your startup? How the harmonization of the European market is changing the startup game? How to accelerate startups embracing Europe as a main asset? How to include universities in the entrepreneurial ecosystem? How to teach the right skills to students in order to turn them into entrepreneurs? Have a look at our awesome speakers and secure your seat.

Get your ticket for #LIS15 and register now for the workshops. Only a few tickets are available for these exclusive sessions taking place in an intimate room of an old palace. You might not get twice this opportunity to meet top-notch speakers in such an environment. See you next week!

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