Proto2 is a Microsoft program specifically designed for Series A startups to scale, on different tech verticals.


A 3-Month Program, going through Europe:

Phase 1

A 3-month program across Europe. Every 2-3 weeks, you will visit a different European city. In each city, you will have the chance to hear from other founders’ experiences, connect to local investors and Microsoft partners.

Phase 2

A Microsoft Azure Event. A 2-day event focused on being fully immersed in Microsoft Azure, get all tech support and insights you didn’t even know you needed.

Demo Day

Closing day of the program, celebrating growth, connections and providing you with the opportunity to make more connections.

Microsoft has been working with startups across a varied range of verticals, from aerospace, to finance, logistics, or even retail, connecting them to a network of partners. Each edition of PROTO2 will target a different vertical.

Who can apply:

Cloud service:

Microsoft Azure


pre-Series A and Series A


B2B, Service-focused


Eastern Europe




Transforming from startup to enterprise

Needs & actions:

Looking to enter new markets geographically or industry, Looking for SMART funding

Startups taking part in PROTO2 will be spending 3 days in a different city with local Microsoft Subsidiaries, every 2-3 weeks, while the program is ongoing:

1 Eastern European city

2 Central European cities

2 Western European cities

How it works: Step by Step

You’ll get access to Microsoft’s expertise in acceleration, innovation, investment and cloud technology. This program is fully tailored to your needs and will be a one-time opportunity to meet Microsoft’s experts, (corporate) partners, and everyone you need to scale globally.

Each city visit, both for phase 1 and phase 2, will be planned according to your current needs and its local ecosystem.

Deep dive into the local market:
How to adapt the sales strategy for the local market:
  • Market insights and overview of the local market by Microsoft Subsidiary
  • Biggest startups on the region share learnings
  • Round Table about the local market – Startups with experts
  • Network Dinner
  • Meet the local investors 1-on-1 meetings.
  • Sales Strategy Adaptation with 1-on-1 mentoring sessions about the partners they will meet.
  • Startups Work on Sales Strategy.
  • Dinner with Startups and Microsoft Partners.
  • Startup and Microsoft Partners host 1-on-1 sessions

Along the program, Startup will have access to Personalized Learnings and Microsoft Technology Support:

From Startup to Enterprise

Human Resources

Smart Money

How to enter new markets

Workshops on Microsoft Azure

Cloud Spend Optimization

Microsoft Partner CTO Showcase

Onboarding Clients


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