Two mornings

online and offline

Welcome aboard a New World, with new challenges.
Welcome to our new normal.

Two mornings

online and offline

Welcome aboard a New World, with new challenges.
Welcome to our new normal.

Beta-i changed before the world changed.

We made a meaningful all-round company transformation happen over the last year
and now more than ever we are ready for this new normal, in our new normal.

We have a new brand.
This evolution marked a new phase for us. Once again we established collaborative and open innovation as our way to make this world, where s**t is getting real, a better place.

We are digital.
Today we have a 100% remote structure operating at full speed. We deliver projects with partners anywhere in the world, we are data-driven, we can be everywhere.

We are bold.
We have developed a new portfolio to meet the current market demands. We reorganized our internal structure to grow in a sustainable way. We built the Feedgize program because we truly believe in our Team development. We expanded to Brazil.

We are legit self innovators, and that’s why we are so good in helping others innovate.

In this Offsite, by commemorating our achievements we can define what goals we will be pursuing next;
the innovation movement must continue!

We are now ready for this new normal because the new has always been in our DNA.

And this is the perfect time:
we are at the center of change.

9:30 Welcome & Checking in ONLINE
10:00 Session 1: Past and Present Presentation ONLINE
10:45 Break ONLINE

Our Impact


Session 2: Retrospective Activity

12:00 Break ONLINE
12:15 Session 3: Numbers & KPIs Presentation ONLINE
13:10 Checking Out ONLINE
13:15 End ONLINE
19:00 Heading off to dinner
20:00 Dinner at different locations
10:15 Arrival Selina*
10:30 Welcome & Checking in Selina
11:00 Session 4: Product Presentation Selina
11:35 Break Selina
11:50 Session 5: Future Presentation Selina
12:35 Q&A Selina
13:05 Open Mic Selina
13:35 Lunch Selina

*Selina offers an outdoor space. In case weather conditions don’t allow, we will move activities to Beta-i.

*Lisbon time

Selina’s Address: Beco Carrasco nº3, 1200-096 Lisboa

general rules

During our two-days Offsite we planned to have dinner all together on Thursday 24th night.

In order to respect the contingency mitigation measures adopted by Portugal’s Government and to ensure everyone’s safety [without missing out our most important Beta-i event], we came up with the solution of dividing the team into small groups of 6 to 7 people to have dinner in different locations around Lisbon.

Here you will find 7 different dinner experiences with a brief description.

In the Form below please choose your top 2 ones.

You will receive an email with your confirmed assigned experience prior to the offsite.

Please keep your experience to yourself, as discovering who you will have dinner with the same night will be a great surprise.

Dinner tables are booked for 8pm and each Team member will have a budget of 25 euros including food, beverages and dessert. Exceeding expenses will be charged respectively on the table companions.

A transportation allowance will be provided to each of you in order to cover travels to and from the locations.

We will have a disposable camera, so make sure you make some good records of this dinner!

Dinner Instructions:

  • There will be a designated person to cover the payment of 25€ per person. Extra costs should be supported by the participants.
  • The transportation allowance is up to 15€. You should submit it as an expense in Clan HR


Please answer the form until Friday 4pm. Otherwise, we will decide what your experience will be.